Whether you’re looking to purchase a gift or a cheeky treat for yourself in the form of Silver Chains, when it comes down to making a choice, opting for a Chain made from Sterling Silver is an undeniably great place to start. Silver Chains are the starting point for complimenting any outfit and will stand the test of time -  but not cost the Earth. Our styles of chain choice are of varying characteristics enough to make you feel that you’re playing the lead role in a Charlie and the Chain Factory remake. Our styles range include: Fine, thin & light, Thick & Heavy, Bold vs Subtle, Sparkling vs Muted, Intricate vs Simple.

But if you’re looking to support a cherished Pendant, Locket, Heirloom or keepsake you’ve owned for years or been gifted essentials like a medical ID, you will need to ensure your Silver chain is reliable and sturdy to support such pieces.

Overall, when you’re really looking for a Silver chain that is characteristically strong, it is best to look at it’s physical attributes and at the chain in the way it has been put together or crafted. In doing so, this comes down to a combination of factors:

- The individual link itself- such as the thickness of the wire it has been made from
- The shape of the link and the density of that link (must be solid not hollow)
- The way each link pairs up with the next link
- The times that chain has been soldered
- The way it has been crafted (chains with modern technology are able to provide greater consistency than handmade items)




Which Silver Chain styles are the sturdiest or strongest?

If you don’t already know it, this is the classic jeweller’s favourite when recommending a reliable pendant holding chain- and for good reason too. We don’t want to simply describe it as a no nonsense Silver chain because it’s far too bland and takes away from the charming design element of this chain and delving into the Spiga Chain’s strong characteristics is a must.

Essentially the strength originates from the individual link structure itself, combined with the way the Silver Chain link pairs up with the next link along. The individual structure of the link is a thicker and solid Silver wire and each individual link has then been twisted into a figure of 8 shape and paired up with not just the next link along, but also the link a step ahead too. This method of pairing ensures each link is supported in multiple ways. Unlike some chains which are sturdy just by the sheer thickness of the link, the Spiga Chain is intelligently designed to be structurally supportive too.

Which Spiga Chain Width/thickness should I opt for?
Start from a 1.9mm thick Spiga Chain and you’re onto a winner. It’ll surely outperform Silver Chains of similar thickness in terms of being able to support the weight of a Pendant because of the reasons mentioned above. Any tug or pull is unlikely to make this Silver chain bat an eyelid and will hold its composure without any link deformity visibly or structurally.

Chains in our current collection:

Sterling Silver Spiga Wheat Chain


Undoubtedly, the most recognised and popular style of Silver Chain, or Jewellery Chain in the jewellery world. It’s a style of chain that has inbuilt craftsmanship that in case of a pull it will more than likely stretch than just fall to pieces in the finer versions. Made from a thicker wire with an almost groove like pocket, each link sits with each one along quite snuggly.

Which Curb Chain Width/thickness should I opt for?
Opting from around 1.8mm upwards is a safe starting point and the wire that the link has been crafted from will ensure the curb chain shouldn’t stretch out of shape, even if you do catch it unknowingly. The majority of the time any breakages can be down to either a hollow type of chain or the wire itself is quite thin.



Chains in our current collection:

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Curb Chain

As a Silver chain type, the Figaro chain is almost identical to the Curb chain, and therefore there exists little difference at all in the strength of the links in such a chain. The key difference between the two lies in the pattern of the links. The Figaro Chain pattern is formed of one elongated curb link, followed by 3 identical normal curb chain links – that’s it!

Which Width/thickness should I opt for?
From 2mm upwards for medium pendants and 3mm upwards for larger.


Chains in our current collection:

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Figaro Chain


MARINA CHAIN also known as the ANCHOR CHAIN:
Another style of Silver Chain with characteristics similar to the Curb Chain, the Marina Chain is slightly more elongated than a curb link and features a horizontal bar in the centre of each link. This bar provides that extra fortification. But essentially with the DNA of this Silver chain close to the Curb chain style the strength comes natural to it, but takes it to a higher level with the horizontal bar feature. Ensure that the Marina chain isn’t a Flat style since the Flat style of Marina chain is one where the depth of the link is very slim and wafer like.

Which Width/thickness should I opt for?
Ideally from 4mm upwards

Chains in our current collection:

Sterling Silver Marina Anchor Chain


It’s that classic shape- smooth highly polished round ball with a mirror like finish most iconically remembered from those US military films or TV Shows as ID Name Tag carriers or “Dog Tags”. The difference between Sterling Silver Chain for vs the stainless steel version is that for better security the Silver Chain ends are closed together with a solid sterling silver spring clasp rather than a connecter that clips the links in, which may over time bend out of shape causing the links to move out of the clip. As per the link craft these Silver chains, each Ball has a strong wire running through the centre, and since there is little gap between each Ball Link that follow another, it’s certainly very strong.

Which Width/thickness should I opt for?
Start from a 2mm width upwards as this thickness of bead ball links have a nice supportive weight. Increase the width as the Pendant weight increases.

Chains in our current collection:

Sterling Silver Ball Bead Chain


Rope’s by their very nature are made with a purpose to be sturdy and reliable, and the Silver Chain version not only replicates this, it does it in a stylish way that surpasses the changing fashion trends. It’s a classic style of Silver Chain and at the heart of it’s strength lies the true secret behind it’s reliability and sturdiness. This Silver Chain is fortified from the link structure that is formed by a single link connecting with several links at once. With several links at once being interwoven, in the most unlikely event that one link should fail it would take several before it completely opens up. I emphasis most unlikely because if you’re opting for those with thicker links, the link thickness itself also provide security. In fact, it’s almost on par with the Spiga Chain in terms of combined fortitude.

Which Width/thickness should I opt for?
Start from 1.8mm to 2.3mm upwards for peace of mind.

Chains in our current collection:


Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Rope Chain