There is often associated an unspeakable yet therapeutic effect that comes from merely visiting places where large areas of water reside, whether that be lakes, rivers, or oceans. In earlier times prior to travel by air, much discovery was encountered by sailing on ships, boats, submarines and other types of sea vessels. Today we also have the added luxury of incorporating travelling on water through hobbies including canoeing, diving, rafting, rowing, yachting and more. If you have an affection for nautical themed jewellery whatever the reason, our collection of Sterling Silver Chains and Bracelets are certain to keep your style Anchored when you are on your travels.

It’s always Plain Sailing with our Anchor Chain and Bracelet Collection!

What’s an Anchor?

An anchor is mostly known for being a large piece of metal that is heavy and shapely enough to steady all sizes of vessel. The word ‘Anchor’ itself originated from a historic Greek word άγκυρα, pronounced “ankyra” which means “hook”[1] – something that closely describes the shape of those pointed curved sections of an anchor. Whether it’s a Nuclear Powered Submarine, large cruise ships, yachts or fishing boats, the Anchor will always be connected to either a Chain or a Rope that will allow its strong steadying properties to be deployed and then reeled back in when Sailing on.

Anchor Chains themselves are as crucial as an Anchor itself and are crafted to ensure maximum strength under extreme pressure. It’s uncomplicated solid link appearance certainly reflect that. Anchor Chains are used whenever something needs to be steadied and if you’re into Climbing or abseiling as a hobby you’ll also see their use here too.

In Jewellery-wear the selection of Sterling Silver Anchor Link Chains and Bracelets mirror those real life Anchor chains used for nautical purposes. But they also retain a charismatic and long lasting appeal when crafted from precious metal.

So, what is the pattern of an Anchor Chain?

At the core, you’ll find Sterling Silver Anchor Chains are made from links that are crafted with a thick wire, bent into a characteristic oblong shape. The link formation is simple and consistently symmetrical as once one link is sealed shut, another identical link is attached to it and the process repeated until the ideal length is achieved. A thicker wire is what ultimately gives it inner strength. In Sterling Silver Chain terms the thicker wire is what differentiates an Anchor Chain from a Trace Chain which uses thinner wire and an almost identical rounded shape.

What varieties of the Anchor Chain Link are there?

Within themselves the Anchor Link Chains have evolved into several varieties, just as classic styles such as the Box Chain have too. There is however a big difference between the Anchor Chain and other Necklace Chain styles. Anchor Chains are crafted based on those real life uses as on sea vessels. This is opposed to a Box/Venetian Chain, which is really only recognised within the scope of jewellery. Don’t know what a Box Chain is? Read our Blog post What is a Box Chain Necklace? that reveals the largest and inspiring Box Chain and Bracelet collection in the UK.

Below you’ll find a description the varieties of Anchor Chain that exist alongside a photograph. Hopefully you’ll be quick to recognise the differences and similarities…

1. Rounded Anchor Chain

As mentioned above made with a thick wider bent into an oval shape with rounded surfaces. It is as round on the inside of the link as the outside of the link. This is as opposed to Oval Belcher Chains where you’ll find either the inner or outer area of the link flat, but not both together.

2. Flat Anchor Chain with Flat Diamond Cut links

Similar to the above Rounded Anchor Chain, albeit the head of the Link has been faceted with a diamond tipped tool to remove the Rounded part of the link. This gives a flat highly polished surface

3. Angled Anchor Chain with Angled Diamond Cut links

Similar to the Rounded Anchor Chain, however the links have been faceted with a diamond tipped tool on the corners of the link as pictured. The result of the angled diamond cut links is somewhat similar to a v shaped when viewed from a specific angle.

4. Flat Anchor Chain with Diamond Cut links and Bar

5. Angled Anchor Chain with a Bar and Angled diamond cut links

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How Pairing Jewellery with Anchor Chains can be stylish and meaningful?

Whilst the Anchor is more commonly a metal hook shaped object, in olden times a stone was used with some rope and then placed to steady a ship. But whether it is a stone or an anchor, the purpose was the same – to keep the sea vessel grounded and fixed in place. This symbolic purpose of the Anchor chain that holds something in place can also be used with pendants and other keepsakes to instil a sense of keeping us emotionally centred or deep rooted to people, places, or memories that the attached jewellery will have. Those items worn on the chain may be not necessarily have to be Anchor Shaped pendants, but also Personalised Lockets, Heart pendants or personalised name tag pendants. If you are gifting or own a Nautical Compass Pendants and combine it with an Anchor chain it’s a great combination to symbolise themes of providing a steadied focussed towards a particular direction.

Classic Anchor Chains also don’t detract from the pendant themselves as the link structure and formation is visually simple.

Turn the Tide our Marina Chain Link Collection

The Marina Chain notably shares the similarity with the Anchor Chain variation that features a Bar in the centre of each link. From a birds eye view it also retains an oval shape like the Anchor chain with the bar. However, the Marina Chain style itself is an adaptation characterised by its flatter depth. The Marina Chain has been adapted to beautify the Anchor Chain with a Bar with well-placed diamond cut areas of the link to enhance sparkle.

Our selection of Marina Chains are available in a range of widths from 2mm to 6.9mm wide, both in Bracelets and Chains. Each benefitting from Diamond Cut Links, the Marina Chain is one of the best looking Link styles that Diamond Cutting can be applied and the result is stunning.

Gucci Marina

Somewhat Puffed in appearance, with two holes on each side, in an abstract sort of way the Gucci Mariner takes the theme of other Nautical chains such as the Anchor Chain with a bar and the Marina Link Chain. The similarities lie with the inner two spaces of the link being clearly separated.

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Make Waves with our Rope Chain Link Collection

On almost every Sea Vessel, regardless of size, you’re sure to find the use of Rope being incorporated into important uses. For Yachts you’ll find them being used to hoist the sails to catch the wind to progress further along the voyage across the seas and on Narrow Boats you’ll see them used to dock the boat when settling along the canals. In fact this Rope made from a group of fine fibres that collectively twist to form one of the most key tools is full of strength and has been a key piece of equipment for thousands of years.

This twisted shape itself is a defining feature of the Rope Chain and if you want to know more, check out our insightful Blog Post Twisted Sterling Silver Chain Styles.

If you’re looking to replicate as close as possible to a real Rope, it’s suggested to opt for a Classic Rope Link without any diamond cut links. These Rope Link styles retain the soft, twisted curves.

Within our current collection, you’ll find our Classic Rope Link available in a 1.2mm Chain with colours available in either dazzling Silver or precious 9ct Rose or Yellow Gold plating.

If you don’t mind a bit of extra sparkle, our thicker Rope Chains available in 1.8mm, 2.3mm and 4.7mm Wide Links each are complimented with optimally positioned Diamond Cut sections of Link. Just with out 1.2mm Rope Chain, our 1.8mm and 2.3mm thicknesses are additionally available with 9ct Yellow Gold plating.

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[1] Dr F. Moll (1927) The HISTORY of the ANCHOR, The Mariner's Mirror, 13:4, 293-332, DOI: 10.1080/00253359.1927.10655436