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Popcorn Chains

Popcorn Chains

Sterling Silver Popcorn Chain Necklace

Sterling Silver Popcorn Chain Necklaces for Women

Originating from Italy, the Popcorn Chain, as its name suggests, bears a striking resemblance to a garland of popcorn. It is a solid chain which is very lightweight like its namesake, and its beaded texture is created by convex links. These links have a puffed look when linked together in the chain which, it is assumed, gave rise to the name 'popcorn chain' originally. Also known as Coreana Chains in some parts of the world, popcorn chains are still thought of as being classically Italian. Ladies popcorn chains are available in a variety of widths and lengths. The profile of the chain gives it a contemporary feel which matches the timeless elegance and effortless style so commonly associated with Italian fashionistas. Easy to wear, soft, delicate and light, ladies popcorn chains are extremely flexible and comfortable. Smooth to the touch, this style of chain sits comfortably against the skin but also works very well as an accent chain worn over clothing. Because it is so lightweight, it gives the appearance of a much larger chain without the additional weight that would usually be associated with the larger widths. This makes it a great choice for someone who likes the effect but doesn’t like to feel their chain constantly. The style of ladies popcorn chains is such that they can be worn for meeting friends, business attire or for more formal occasions. Loved and cherished across all ages, the flexibility of this style can be adapted to any outfit, style or occasion simply by the way it’s worn. Ladies popcorn chains have even been known to put in an appearance on the catwalk are often used as a stylist's choice for photoshoots when accessorising for the glossy fashion magazines. Whether for every day or special occasions, the popcorn chain is beautiful, versatile and flattering.