Within Jewellery the way in which we fashion our look with Sterling Silver Chains is undoubtedly artistic in the way we choose it to be. Most of the popular classic chain link styles such as the Box Chain, Cable Chain, Belcher Chain – all feature basic shapes at the heart of them: Squares, Ovals, Circles.

At the heart of Twisted Sterling Silver Chain Link styles however, is an evocative shape that beyond the inherent beauty of just the precious metal from which it has been crafted, conveys something deep and meaningful. Depth and meaning subtly paired in jewellery is a thoughtful approach to the way in which you can choose when fashioning your look. How audible you want to make that statement, might be reflected in the visible thickness of that chain, and the depth of that statement reflected in the intimacy, intricacy and craft in which the links are formed together.

Boundless. Free Flowing. Open: The epitome of Twisted Sterling Silver Chain styles

Take a moment to ponder and notice the basic shape at the heart of Twisted Chain link styles. What is the shape? Have you already guessed it? Here it is..A Spiral. The spiral shape may be less obviously noticeable as a square, rectangular, triangular or circular shape. However, the beauty of the deeper and symbolic meaning of the Spiral shape within twisted Sterling Silver Chains are sure to change the way you will look at these styles of Sterling Silver Chain. Unlike shapes with straight edges, curved shapes psychologically are said to portray a sense of softness, approachability and calmness. The shape of the Spiral with repetitive sloping soft curves is just too that and this spiral shape is brought to life within Twisted styles of Sterling Silver necklaces. These twisted sterling silver chain styles which feature the spiral shape itself is not a man-made shape alone but the spiral shape if we look closer is apparent in nature itself.

Have you ever noticed some of the shapes that been around for an eternity? From modern science we’re able to see that the shape of that which we are all made from, our DNA and the Helix shape, inherently twisted and noticeably spiral shaped. When we look at the Spiral shape from different angles we can see the waving nature, it’s wave-like aspect is reminiscent of sound waves from which our sense of sound is perceived and light waves how we are able to visualise beauty. Looking at the waves of the ocean, or the very Sea shells and you’ll also notice such as soft curves in this shape, and one of my favourite twisted spiral Pasta shape: Fusilli!

These objects mentioned are only a handful, but from different angles are reminiscent of the spiral shape: intertwining, twisting and continuous. Collectively, as a consequence of nature the deeper meaning within such twisted shapes are also often said to represent deeper themes such as: timelessness, eternity, boundless, without restriction, cycles of life, the seasons of weather, evolution and more. When you apply this in your own personal life whether it be through love, friendship, renewal or beginnings, choosing a Sterling Silver Chain that features Twisted links is a sure way to connect yourself and others to such meaning when you wear it.

Here are our top suggestions of Sterling Silver Chain Styles to look at when opting for Twisted Shaped Links:

  1. The Prince of Wales Chain, also known as a loose rope chain
  2. The Rope Chain
  3. The Singapore Chain, also known to some as a Twisted Curb chain
  4. The Spiga Chain, also known as a Wheat Chain
  5. Twisted Foxtail Chain also known as Fox Tail Chains

Our Chain link style guide provides further information on specifics of each of these chain link styles as well as more. Here in this post we’ll look to compare and highlight the specific twisted and spiral shapes between these.

1. The Prince of Wales Chain, also known as a loose rope chain

Starting with the Prince of Wales chain also known as a Loose Rope chain, this is a chain that shows off the natural curves shape but in a more flexible and free flowing way than a Rope chain would. The links which form this chain are themselves rounded in nature and whilst interwoven are less tightly packed together link a Rope chain. This is a great chain that despite its ability to be quite literally loose, it magnificently retains composure to possess a slight slackness but still retain a sturdy twisted shape. The craft of these links even when ruffled know their place and are a comfortable choice of chain that would not tug or pull any fine hair on the neck. For the Sterling Silver Prince of Wales / Loose Rope chain, the wider size links that you opt for, naturally the clearer the spiral twisted pattern will be noticed.

Prince of Wales Chains

2. The Rope Chain

The Rope Chain is very much like the Loose Rope variety, the shapes of each link are equally similar in being curved and rounded and unmistakeably features the broad curves, twists and spirals formation. However, the difference compared with the Loose Rope variety lies within the inner area, with each link more compactly woven. There exists little space for light to pass through the centre of the chain, making the twist pattern accentuated. Inherently also owing to the more compact women links, unlike Loose Rope chains, traditional Rope Chains possess a slightly more rigidity and stiffness. When enhanced by diamond cut links, Rope chains

Sterling Silver Rope Chains | Mens Rope Chains | Womens Rope Chains | Gold Plated Rope Chains

The Singapore Chain, also known to some as a Twisted Curb chain

Whilst the Singapore Chain unmistakeably also has a twisted appearance, free flowing and unbound, the key difference between this and the above-mentioned rope chains are the inherent straight edges of the individual links. Each link similar to curb chain links in appearance, are flat with clear cut edges further enhanced with diamond cutting. This is unlike the Rope Chains which form their twist from links which individually are curved, without any straight edges. It is said that straight edges in shapes such as squares or rectangles with equal degrees are themselves are associated with a sense of balance, rationality and practicality. The Singapore Chain is therefore is somewhat of a fusion of the a twisted spiral shapes formed through straight edges and similarly can subtly convey a style that reflects your own personality- free flowing yet balanced and practical or similar themes.

Sterling Silver Singapore Chains

The Spiga Chain, also known as a Wheat Chain

A strong and sturdy chain, and a favourite amongst jeweller’s for pairing with a pendant, it is the David (vs Goliath) of chains. The links are individually shaped in a twisted method, and then interlinked with another identical link. Here with Spiga chains, not only does the twisted theme continue here too, the twisted shape also gives this chain a good strength, to give not only practicality but also a great twisted appearance.

Sterling Silver Spiga Chains | Men's Spiga Chains | Women's Spiga Chains

5. Twisted Foxtail Chain also known as Fox Tail Chains

Our range of Sterling Silver Fox Tail chains are the largest in the UK, it’s a chain that we simply adore and more so in the twisted variety that emits something visually beautiful beyond words. Fox Tail chains feature incredibly detail and with a distinct V shape just like a Foxes Tail. Like the birth of most classic chains the Fox Tail Chain has been crafted by highly skilled craftsmen centuries ago. In our exclusive Fox Tail collection, our variety includes a twisted Fox Tail chain, both in thickness/widths for Men and Women. From the appearance this is probably THE most detailed and intricate twisted chain that you may ever come across. With such intricate detail being at the surface it’s a Sterling Silver chain that also benefits from having a beautiful texture that might be described as giving a therapeutic feel and quite addictive to the touch and roll between your finger tips. As the earlier mentioned Rope, Prince of Wales, Singapore and Spiga chains, the Fox Tail shares the same curves and twists and therefore is sure to reflect a statement of timelessness and boundlessness. It’s not just because it’s shape, but also because of the historic creation by the skilled artisans and craftsmen centuries ago. Pictured below is a sneak peak of an exclusive Twisted Fox Tail to be available only at The Chain Hut that has just arrived this Summer 2018.

Sterling Silver Fox Tail Chains | Mens Fox Tail Chains | Womens Fox Tail Chains

You might wear these Sterling Silver Chain styles on their own or layer with other necklaces, but adding it with a pendant that follows the same meaning conveyed by chains that are twisted in appearance is sure to be a winner when fashioning the look whatever the occasion. To turn the volume up on that underlying message remember to look to opt for a visibly thicker chain width of your chosen style, and for greater depth of that statement seek to introduce yourself to chains that feature intricately formed links.

Whichever chain you choose, don’t forget to make the most of the glorious Summer weather already on our doorstep and a perfect opportunity to show of your neckwear. Happy Summer!