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Loose Rope

Loose Rope

Sterling Silver Prince of Wales Loose Rope Chain

Sterling Silver Loose Rope / Prince of Wales Chains

Part of our twisted chain and timeless classics collection, the Prince of Wales Chains style symbolises an statement of silent sophistication. Free of diamond-cut links that often constantly reflect light for intermittent sparkle, the Prince of Wales style of chain links are individually softly rounded and interlocked with each other to create the appearance of a flowing wave-like pattern. The free flowing pattern make it a great choice of chain link style to pair it with pendants with either traditional ornate designs or pendants of vintage origin. Also known as a Loose Rope Chain, Prince of Wales Chain links are less tightly interlocked with other links, allowing flexibility in it's movement yet maintaining inherent strength, compared with the Rope Chain featuring a more rigid tightly-knit design. With all it's natural versatility, the Prince of Wales Chain is great for everyday wear whatever your choice of chain thickness; available in a light and fine 1mm, 1.5mm or moderately wider 2mm width. Opting for our well crafted Prince of Wales chain needn't either be limited to wearing on its own. Flaunting this chain with a pendant or stacking with contrasting neckwear in colour or pattern, is sure to create a uniquely individual style whether you wear it close to the base of your neck in a 14" or 16" choker length, in an average drop of 18 to 20" Inches or in longer 26, 28 or 30" Inch lengths.