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9ct Gold plated on Sterling Silver Chain Necklaces

Our Solid Sterling Silver Chains are beautifully crafted and enhanced with layer of either 9ct Rose Gold or 9ct Yellow Gold, emanating luxury at a great price. Our premium Gold Plated Sterling Silver chains have a much thicker layer than can be found in the jewellery market and therefore consist of best value in addition to being a fantastic alternative to more expensive solid 9ct gold chains. Ready to buy in lengths from 14" to 24" inch and with a range of link styles and thicknesses you can be sure to match your existing watches or jewellery and style for any outfit or occasion. Our 9ct gold plated chain link styles include: Ball Bead, Belcher, Box, Figaro, Rope, Trace and are perfect to wear on their on or match with a pendant with lengths: 14" to 24" inches to choose from. As an Assay Assured Retailer you can trust that all purchase content is genuine precious metal jewellery with high quality and craftsmanship as standard at The Chain Hut.


9ct Gold Plated Chains

9ct Gold Plated Chains
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gold Plated Chains made of?

When considering what metal gold plated chains are made of, there are essentially 2 parts to consider: the gold plated layer which you can see and the material that lies beneath this layer which you cannot see.

The Visible: At The Chain Hut the visible gold plated element of our Gold Plated Chains and bracelets are genuine 9ct Rose Gold or Yellow Gold. However the availability of Gold plated chains do exist with alternative carats of plating. 9ct Yellow gold in particular is a lighter colour, much like solid 9ct Yellow Gold. Other carats (ct) including 14ct a more popular colour in the United States, 18, 22, 24 carat are also options that can be produced. As the number of carats increase, the tone of gold becomes darker with 24ct gold being the darkest. 24ct gold in colour is Gold in its most natural unaltered appearance as mined from the earth. The thickness of the gold plating can even be measured. The gold plating can either be thin, known as flash plating or thicker, known as microns. Flash plating generally is better suited for occasional wear and will gradually wear away if worn daily. This is compared with micron level gold plating owing to the layer of gold itself being much less. At The Chain Hut our Gold plated chains and bracelets are plated with a premium layer of genuine 9ct Gold that is double the standard of the majority of gold plated jewellery.

The Invisible: The process of plating real gold itself can be applied on many other metals and objects, whether mobile phones, key rings and such like. In fashion jewellery gold plated chains hidden beneath the visible gold plating can be made from cheaper unknown base metals or non-precious metals such as copper or steel and there’s almost no limit on what gold can be plated upon. But beneath the plated layer of our 9ct Gold Plated Chains and bracelets, lies only genuine precious metal: solid Sterling Silver. Our Gold plated chains conform to the highest standards of safety in line with European REACH regulations that prohibits the use of toxic metals such as nickel, lead, cadmium and others, making all of our Gold Plated jewellery safe to wear. As a certified Assay Assured retailer, you can have full peace of mind our Gold plated jewellery is what we say it is and is crafted with genuine precious metal from the surface to the core.

Do Gold Plated Chains fade?

Unlike solid gold chains, Sterling Silver Chains that are plated with gold are done so for a good reason: to look like real gold yet act as an inexpensive alternative to solid gold chains. Gold Plated Chains are likely to fade over time but they can they can last years before they do. How quickly the Gold plated layer fades, much depends upon a combination of factors: strength of plating and the use & care by the wearer. The strength of plating applied to the chain and any further treatments to the metal can affect the durability of colour. The thicker the plating the more it can endure and therefore last longer. Opting for the highest level of plating will help retain its colour for years. However, if the plating is too high, the higher the content of gold there is. The higher the content of gold there is, the higher the value or cost of the item because gold is an expensive precious metal. Therefore, a balanced level of plating is required to endure years of wear but at the same time not be as expensive as solid gold- just like our 1 micron premium gold plated chains. The use and care of the wearer is also another important factor with all jewellery that affects the colour and longevity. For example, ensuring you avoid chemicals coming into contact with jewellery or not wiping your jewellery if it gets wet are some examples. You can also read more in our dedicated Gold plated Chains on Sterling Silver blog post Here

How do you keep Gold Plated Jewellery from fading?

At The Chain Hut our Gold Plated Chains & Bracelets are plated with a premium layer of 9ct Gold, double the standard of the majority of gold plated jewellery giving you confidence that our jewellery is durable to the highest of standards. Much like Solid Gold jewellery, Gold Plated jewellery requires a level of care to maintain it's colour. The difference with Gold plated jewellery unlike Solid Gold Jewellery is that over time the plated gold will gradually fade. This process can be months or years. But the key to maintaining the gold plating for as long as possible, is how you often you wear your gold plated jewellery and the care attention you apply to this lustrous precious metal. Certain types of jewellery are more easier to maintain owing to the shape or style of the item making it easier to touch. Here are some tips to make sure you can enjoy your gold plated jewellery for as long as possible:

  • Keep your jewellery dry where possible
  • If your jewellery gets wet or moist on a hot day, dry gently with a soft cloth
  • Avoid using items that will scratch your jewellery such as tissue paper
  • Avoid wearing when swimming, in the shower, or when applying creams, lotions, shower gels
  • When applying lotions creams or perfumes, allow these to dry before putting on your jewellery
  • Avoid using chemical gold jewellery dips or gold jewellery cloths that tend to work by stripping layer of gold at a micro level. Instead a microfibre polishing cloth without chemicals is best suited
  • Avoid sleeping with your jewellery where possible