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Prince of Wales Chains

Prince of Wales Chains

Sterling Silver Loose Rope / Prince of Wales Chain Necklaces for Women

Sterling Silver Prince of Wales Chain Necklaces for Women

At The Chain Hut, we pride ourselves on truly understanding the importance of good quality jewellery. Whether our customers are seeking a special gift for a loved one or an indulgent treat for themselves, we are confident that we can suit all tastes and budgets within our diverse range. Our ladies Prince of Wales chains are stunning, versatile necklaces that may be worn for day-to-day or accessorised with formalwear for a special occasion too without won’t catching on your hair. This twisted chain with soft flowing curves is made up of thin wire that is shaped into tiny rings and interlocked to make a chain. Usually, there will be a set rings to each link which makes for an intricate design as well as a strong and durable chain designed to stand the test of time. The design of the chain, which features a resemblance to the more tightly woven French rope chain with its twisted shape, also makes for flexibility within the chain so that it can be twisted and manipulated if required by the wearer. This is unlike it’s cousin, the French rope chain which is naturally more rigidness in it’s movement. Both enduring and elegant at once, Prince of Wales are to be treasured for years to come. Our range of ladies Prince of Wales chains come in a variety of finishes, including sterling silver and yellow plated; the length and width of the chain and its links also vary so that you can find the perfect design for you. For a chain with such strength and durability, it looks very dainty and feminine making it a perfect accessory for any occasion if worn its own. So if you are looking for a gift or a personal treat then be sure to browse our range of Prince of Wales chains today.