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It feels like the fabulous warm weather and bright sky spell over has finished quite quickly, after most of the start of the year being predominantly quite chilly for most of us in the UK!

But don’t be fooled or get bogged down. That short spell is a great taster for the Summer season ahead and a reminder that overall warmer climate for us is sure to be on the horizon. Reminisce about the great times you’ve had in the pleasant temperatures with friends or family and you’ll be sure to realise, it’s a great opportunity to live in the moment and accessorise your outfits on such occasions with jewellery for that finishing touch. With our recent injection of Thicker Sterling Silver Chains into our stock, there’s a number of reasons why you’d be wise to adopt such a chain characteristic when choosing your next style of chain necklace.


In this blog post:

  • The differences between “Wide”, “Thick” and “Chunky” chains
  • “Stating the obvious”
  • “Diamond Cut doubled”
  • Selecting a Chunky Chain Based on its width- Same width, same look?
  • Protect your investment
  • Naturally Durable and great support for pendants
  • Embrace the trend of Layering chains
  • Chunky, Thicker, Wide and Heavy Chain Styles at The Chain Hut for Men
  • Tag Team


The differences between “Wide”, “Thick” and “Chunky” chains

Objectively, we’d define a chunky chain to be one that has a good depth combined with a good width.

This is because, in contrast, chain links can be produced with wide links, but lack any substantial depth (also known as the thickness). In fact there’s a specific name for these type of chains that lack depth but have the wideness, or width of the link. These are described as ‘Flat’ Chains, for example, a ‘Flat Curb Chain’. Such chains give the perception of width, are lighter in terms of weight because of the reduced thickness and therefore cheaper, but sometimes a little flimsy in appearance.

On the other hand, a chain can lack the Width (or wideness) but have more depth (or thickness) and in the end this give the chain when worn a narrower appearance when it lies flat on the chest or neck area.

In a stylistic sense, the range of ‘chunky chains’ can be from highly chucky as to be bold and visible enough to see from a distance! On the other hand you needn’t always go to the upper range of such chunkiness to create that style to achieve a look which in itself can be a statement that speaks volumes.

Outlandishly wide, thick or chunky chains are not a style for everyone since we all have different physiques and our new Heavy Sterling Silver Chain collection accommodates for this for all individuals by way of offering several link patterns from: moderately wide, to thick chains. With widths in terms of millimetre ranging from 3.7mm to 7.6mm.

Additionally, if we were to describe for Thick or Chunky Chains, the width measurement of the link it would be in millimetres. Such specifics allow you to accurately compare against existing Chains you might already own or other products online to get an idea of width. Broadly speaking, the majority would class a chain to be chunky if it’s over 11mm. Whilst others may view it as being from 7mm upwards.

Sometimes a certain style of chain also do have some contribution on the end effect since certain styles are more detailed giving more to visually look at, where as others are more simple and refined.


Stating the obvious?

The most outstanding feature of chunkier Chains might be pointing out the obvious and being far too simple, but it’s often the simple and minimal things that can bring about heightened attention.

Crucially, Thick or Chunky Sterling Silver Chains are made from wider links, and whatever the pattern of that link – just the increased size of that link make that pattern more definable and visible. All of the curves, contours and craft of the Sterling Silver of the link is now fully appreciable. It’s as if a magnified glass has been added, a zoom and a bold statement of fashion. Therefore, if you already have a favourite style, going for a wider style of that link is a great idea to for because the larger sized links are sure to be more emphatic.


Diamond Cut doubled

Another great feature, are Chunky Sterling Silver Chains that feature Diamond Cut Links. The Diamond cut links which are now more visible, being cut into the physically larger link size, radiate and explode the light that is caught and reflected upon the surface. Of course, Diamond cutting is intended to create such an effect of boosting that sparkle, but upon a larger surface area – it is creates a wow factor, to an already bold link size.

You’d also be extra savvy to be aware that the area of the link that are facetted by a diamond cutting on Sterling Silver chains, is not the same for all thicknesses or types of chain. In fact, the chunky chains should ideally have extra areas of the link that you might not find in a narrower width and Our the diamond cutting on our heavy chain collection styles such as the Sterling Silver Curb, Figaro and Marina chains than on their narrow counterparts.

For example, let’s look at our Sterling Silver 2mm Curb Chain: You’ll notice on the diamond cut effect on the surface there are two sides of the link and compare it with our wider 5.4mm Sterling Silver Curb Chain. You’ll now find not only have the links on the surface been treated to the diamond cut process, but the edges of that link also been treated to the same. So herein our Thicker, Chunkier chains have something extra, and for good reason being larger area of silver, than a finer link style.

Having more areas on the link with diamond cutting, also helps with larger chains to eliminate any natural imperfections you might notice on chains without diamond cut links.


Selecting a Chunky Chain Based on its width- Same width, same look?

Simply because two chains might have similar width, this doesn’t mean it would effectively result in the same chunky appearance. Commonly, the trap for this are Flat chains which might not give the all round effect of a chunky chain.

For example, let’s say you know what you’re specifically looking for in terms of width -a Sterling Silver 5mm Curb chain. You find two 5mm Curb chains, one quite a lot less in price than another but which features the word ‘Flat’. You might think it’s a wise choice to go for the Flat Curb chain, because you’re saving some amount of money. But a Flat 5mm Sterling Silver Curb chain won’t be the same as a 5mm Sterling Silver Curb Chain and therefore practically it’s a better to be sure you’re actually comparing like for like.

If the Chain is of the flat variety, as mentioned earlier it will lack any depth- something important to obtain a chunky appearance. If you’re unsure and it doesn’t mention that word in the title you should always seek further guidance and enquire.

In this respect, another indication of a good quality chunky Sterling Silver chain is to also compare the weight of the chains. Flatter chains will be a lot less in weight. Many sites aren’t transparent with weights, but you can find all weights for every length of chain available in our product information tables on the product pages at The Chain Hut.


Protect your investment

On the whole Sterling Silver chains that are chunkier, or thicker majority of the time are likely to be heavier in their weight and therefore with more silver it’s natural that the price compared with a lighter chain is going to be a slightly higher.

In consideration of this, for added peace of mind our Heavier Sterling Silver Chains are plated with Rhodium, a member of the Platinum family. Rhodium is a robust precious metal, and relatively per gram is more valuable than gold. But the use of Rhodium is used widely upon Sterling Silver in leading luxury branded jewellery specifically to prolong the colour of Sterling Silver and prevent tarnish. Read more in our dedicated blog post about Rhodium and its use with Thick Sterling Silver Chains and bracelets.


Naturally Durable and great support for pendants

With chunkier Sterling Silver chains clearly having physically larger and heavier links, such characteristics allow for better overall durability, and also an ability to comfortably hold the weight of heavier pendants. However, the show-stopper is that our heavy Sterling Silver chains are plated with a precious metal - Rhodium, and this precious metal is there for added strength and longevity. If you didn't already know that Silver as a natural precious metal is a very soft one, you may want to read our article here. Rhodium on the other hand is extremely durable, and by adding this on top of our Heavier Sterling Silver Chains, it's more likely to be able to take any knocks effortlessly and at the same time maintain its silver colour against tarnishing for years to come.


Embrace the trend of Layering chains

Layering chains is a fantastic way to fashion your own look, and with chunky or thicker chains, men can be sure to adopt this. By featuring a heavy chain as the centre piece, it’s fashionable to then layer with other styles to compliment it, varying in length, link pattern or width. 


Chunky, Thicker, Wide and Heavy Chain Styles at The Chain Hut for Men

Our range of chunkier styles of Sterling Silver Chains are sure to be some of the best in the UK, with a unique blend of classic, timeless styles and more exclusive modern styles – to fashion a look to suit your style.


Our Classic Chain Styles

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Curb Chains: 4.3mm, 5.4mm, 7.3mm

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Marina Chains: 4.6mm6.9mm

Sterling Silver Diamond Figaro Chains: 5.7mm, 7.6mm

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Rope Chain: 4.7mm

Sterling Silver Rounded Box Chain: 3.7mm

Sterling Silver Spiga Wheat Chain: 3.4mm


New Exclusive Styles

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Square Foxtail Chain: 3.1mm


Tag Team

Often, a Thicker Sterling Silver chain can be enough on its own around the neck without calling out for added chain layers, but teaming it up some wrist wear such as a matching Sterling Silver Bracelet of the same thickness is sure to provide a more complete look.


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