Whether you’re looking for a fine Sterling Silver Chain for a Pendant that replaces a broken chain or are looking to inject a new lease of life for a cherished Pendant, in this blog post we’ll suggest the top fine Pendant Chains that are sure to freshen up your look but also provide sturdy & enduring support.

Before we give you our top 10 fine Pendant Chain suggestions, if you’ve not already read through our in depth blog post on How to select a Sterling Silver Chain for your Pendant we highly recommend to check this out HERE. Even at a brief glance, this blog post will surely help towards making a decision and provides important things to consider when choosing a chain style.

So let's get started...

What is a Fine Chain?

We’d define fine chains as being from approximately 0.8mm width up to 1.2mm. These are fine enough to be dainty and those that we’d recommend for moderately smaller pendants up to 2-3 grams in weight.

Should I opt for a Fine Chain?

Fine chains are always irresistibly fashionably attractive because of their ability to create a dainty, cute, delicate look when matched with a dainty pendant. But just be sure not to overlook the practical aspect of the Fine Chain supporting the weight of your pendant. Theoretically, if your pendant, locket or charm is beyond the smaller size or lighter weight (up to 2/2.5 grams) you should ideally opt for chains with link widths above 1.3mm - 1.5mm. However, if you know the weight of your pendant our blog post How to select a Sterling Silver Chain for your Pendant also provides practical advice on using that known weight to select a chain accordingly to make sure the pendant is adequately supported.

Othewise if your pendant is less than say 2 to 2.5 grams then we have provided our suggestions of following styles of Fine Chains, including tips of suitability to wear with a pendant for daily or occasionally:

Sterling Silver fine Curb Chains © 2018 - 2022 Copyright

Diamond Cut Sterling Silver Curb Chain -Suggested Widths: 0.8mm | 1mm | 1.2mm (pictured above increasing in width from bottom to top)

The Curb chain is a classic style of chain link and the most popular of them all. The reason is probably owing to it being a sturdy, practical and reliable style of chain. It’s suitable for everyday-wear because it won’t annoyingly catch your hair sharply and is the links are inherently versatile enough that they you won’t have to worry about issues with kinking. Our selection of Sterling Curb Chains also feature Diamond Cut Links that reflect light for intermittent sparkle and in fine widths do this quite subtly. Additionally, if your Curb Chain ever takes an excessive tug accidentally it’s more likely the chain links may stretch but not break totally ensuring that you won’t loose your pendant. If you’re wearing this chain directly upon you necklace with the silver touching your skin, you might find this quite comfortable since the actual shape of the Curb Link means that not as much silver touches the skin with a space in the centre of the links for breathability.

If your Pendant or Charm features Yellow or Rose Gold colours our 1.2mm Sterling Silver Curb Chains are also available plated with 9ct Rose Gold | 9ct Yellow Gold

The Chain Hut Opinion: "A great classic style of chain, popular, reliable and the fail-safe chain that will match just about every pendant you own. Will rarely clash with any styling and with diamond-cut links creates a great sparkle. Easy to maintain and care for and comfortable to wear without any hairs likely to easily pull and catch upon. Go for a 0.8mm if you know you pendant is really light and small, and a 1.2mm if you're unsure"

Sterling Silver fine Belcher Chains © 2018 - 2022 Copyright


2. Round Sterling Silver Belcher Chain - Suggested Width: 1.2mm (pictured above)

Our Round Belcher chain, also cutely known as a Rolo chain because of the repetitive round ‘O’ shaped links is a perfectly dainty, classic and simple style of chain in the 1.2mm width. With smooth highly polished surfaces, it’s a style that won’t detract attention away from a pendant featuring stones which the sparkle itself will emanate from. The natural round link shape is reflective of many of the natural shapes found in nature such as the Sun, Moon and since the circle has no beginning and end- a timeless style to match similar themes such as Love/ Hearts / Infinity, Tree of Life, Religious pendants or birthstones. A flexible style of chain that won’t kink, you won’t need to constantly fidget around with the Chain throughout the day and will pair up with almost any style of pendant. The Belcher chain in the 1.2mm certainly appears delicate but also durable and comfortable to wear everyday-wear with full peace of mind.

The Chain Hut Opinion: "A simple but another classic style of chain, reliable andvery minimalistic without much fuss but with the small round links, is noticeably cute and dainty. It won't kink, is comfortable to wear without catching and pulling on finer hairs. Lovely to the touch and addictive to roll between the fingers if you can't help but fidget!"

Sterling Silver fine Box Chain © 2018 - 2022 Copyright

3. Sterling Silver Venetian Box Chain - Suggested Width: 1mm (pictured above)

This classic style of chain, especially in this width is a super choice for almost any fine pendant. The shape of this chain link style comprises of 4 equal sides and a flat silver surface area, without much gap in between. This is compared with the Curb chain or Belcher chain which are designed with a gap right in the centre of each link. Since there is less visible gap with Box Chain- through which your skin or clothing colours might slightly pass through, there is a larger surface area upon which the light will bounce off silver and sparkle. There is undoubtedly something unspeakably luxurious about this chain and it’s probably why it’s one of the most popular choice for necklaces in White Gold and Yellow Gold.

In general, when looking at matching Pendant themes with a chain, the Box Chain style features straight edges, equal sides and 90 degree angles said to reflect reliability, honesty, stability and familiarity. It’s a shape that is visible in everyday life every wear and why is sure to match most pendants – whether you’re contrasting with a rounded pendant or matching a pendant with straight edges.

Our blog post in June, Twisted Sterling Silver Chain Styles: Twisted Rope, Curb, Fox Tail Chains and more we’ve highlighted the simple but obvious shapes within chain styles and how these shapes evoke deeper symbolism, such as those with straight edges, or those with curves. You can read more HERE

The Chain Hut Opinion: "4 sides that are equal on each, link giving an equal amount of light reflect if the chain moves around. Has something inherently special in that the appearance is as luxurious when made from Sterling Silver as White Gold or Gold. Not one to kink and comfortable to wear without catching and pulling on finer hairs. With smooth highly polished surfaces easy to maintain and care for"

Sterling Silver fine Cable Trace Chain © 2018 - 2022 Copyright


4. Sterling Silver Cable Trace Chain - Suggested Widths: 1.2mm | 1.5mm (pictured above)

Similar to the Round Belcher chain, but with oval shaped links the Cable Chain is made from a wire that is rounded on the outer and inner edges. This is unlike the Belcher Chain which is rounded on the outer surface but flat on the inside. It’s the simplest of the chain link styles and owing to it’s simple shape, is perfect for pairing with Pendants that shine in their own entirety such as Gemstones Pendants. Our 1.2mm is a very dainty and light chain with the 1.5mm being a fraction more wider. Size by side you can see the comparison in the width/thickness below and opting to pair this with a pendant depends upon the size and shape of your pendant:

The 1.5mm Cable Chain however is overall a chain better suited for everyday wear than just occasional wear. This is because the wire of the link that forms the oval shape being slightly more thicker than the 1.2mm and thus able to absorb daily movement. However, this may vary depending upon how active your lifestyle may be, so be sure to judge accordingly. You shouldn’t either be concerned too much about the flexibility of this chain style since the Cable chain is made from simple links and won’t kink or tangle.

Both are also available with a subtle diamond cut surface or without and our 1.5mm Cable Chain is also available plated with 9ct Rose or Yellow Gold to match pendants of a similar colour.

The Chain Hut Opinion: "A chain style that speaks brand quality and used by many of the top luxurious brands to pair with their own pendants, definitely a durable chain comfortable to wear that won't kink or pull hairs. Certainly not over the top to wear every day in a fashion sense-  opt for the diamond cut version for extra sparkle."

Sterling Silver fine Ball Bead Chain © 2018 - 2022 Copyright


5. Sterling Silver Ball / Bead Chain - Suggested Width: 1.2mm (pictured above)

Almost like little poppy seeds, the Ball Bead Chain in 1.2mm is certainly dainty and cute. Addictive to the touch and a smooth highly polished and reflective surface, the round and curved shaped inherent in this chain link style makes it perfect for Round Pendants or Charm with our 1.2mm width Ball Chain recommended for pendants less than 2 grams. With the reflective surfaces it's great to match a pendant that is mainly highly polished on the front.

The Chain Hut Opinion: "A chain style that is made from natural shapes, definitely a durable chain comfortable to wear but take care when wearing as over manipulating may mishape the wire that the beads are threaded through..one to take off before bed time for sure. Having said that it won't kink under general wear and will easily adapt when wearing on your chest since the highly polished curved surfaces allow the beads to move around without the need to constantly adjust unlike certain chains which might naturally twist and require adjustment."

Sterling Silver fine Prince of Wales Chain © 2018 - 2022 Copyright


6. Sterling Silver Prince of Wales Chain - Suggested Width: 1.5mm (pictured above)

Does your charm, pendant or locket feature some intricate floral patterning, or intricate engraved detail? The Prince of Wales chain, one of the top twisted chain style mentioned in our Blog Post last month HERE, features a spiralling pattern said to represent endlessness and boundlessness . Also known as a Loose Rope Chain, it is flexible and versatile but also maintains the wave-like shape and ideal for traditional themed pendants or those pendants based on Beach Themes. The key to this chain 

Sterling Silver fine Rope Chain © 2018 - 2022 Copyright

7. Sterling Silver Rope Chain - Suggested Width: 1.2mm  (pictured above)

Sterling Silver fine Spiga Wheat Chain © 2018 - 2022 Copyright


8. Sterling Silver Spiga Wheat Chain - Suggested Width: 1mm (pictured above)

With similarities to the Price of Wales chain and Rope Chain of the twisted nature as mentioned above, the Spiga Chain (Spiga in italian means Wheat) is modelled on the shape of the ear of Wheat and covered in much detail in our Twisted Chain Styles Blog post available HERE and our chain style guide HERE. As a naturally intricately designed chain, like the Prince of Wales Chain it's an ideal style fo those pendants with floral patterning, engraving or traditional pendants such as heirlooms that might have been passed down and feature historic patterning. 

The Chain Hut Opinion: "Definitely a comfortable to wear that won't kink or pull hairs despite the naturally characteristic and intricate design - however better to wear for special occasions or daily if you're not always on the go. One word if we had to sums this up as a design is: Traditional."


Sterling Silver Snake Chains © 2018-2022 Copyright

9.Sterling Silver Snake Chain Classic or Real - Suggested Width: 1.2mm (pictured above)

Snake Chains can be finer than 1.2mm, with the finest range around 0.8mm. Our current range of Snake Chains start however from 1.2mm. In this thickness we've two different pairs of snake chains, one a Real Snake Chain and the other Classic Snake Chain - the difference only being the the flexibility and weight of the chain being more in a classic style. Snake chains by nature are a slick, sleek and tidy looking chain- there aren't any gaps in the chain through light can pass though and the links are almost speaking out to the light and telling them there's only one way you're leaving- after you've bounced off me! On a practical level, Snake chains are susceptible to kinking if care isn't taken, and more so for the Classic Snake Chain. For the Real Snake Chain - this looks the same but the key difference is that it is so much more flexible - holding one end of the chain opened up with your thumb and index finger, if you dropped it into you hand slowly you'd notice it would naturally spiral and sit snug into the centre of your hand.  In a similar fashion with the Classic Snake chain - it would posses a slight more stiffness.

"The Chain Hut Opinion: What does this mean for my pendant? The slick and sleek link design means the Real or Classic are great for everyday wear as your pendant won't get caught up in the same way a link by link chain might if you're really busy- just as the ribbons on a Maypole during a Maypole dance do. If 
it has to move around it would slide around nicely.  A traditional style of chain that some pendants styles will only yearn for."


Sterling Silver Fine Foxtail Chains © 2018 - 2022 Copyright

10. Sterling Silver Fox Tail Chain - Suggested Width: 1.1mm (pictured above)
The Fox Tail Chain is one of the classic styles of chain and quite a tort, uncompromising chian but full of composure in holding its stance. Unlike the first 8 chains, the Foxtail links aren't put together one by one, but joined together in such a complex and weaving pattern and of all pendants, is best with lighter pendants around 1 - 1.5 grams or less. When worn with a smaller pendant, it's an ideal style of chain when worn close to the base of the collar bone, in between a collar and choker.

The Chain Hut Opinion: "Can be temperamental with a small pendant only if the pendant is heavy, but like the fairytale Porridge of the three bears, if you get the weight of the pendant matched with the chain & a length close to the base of your neck it will be just right! A deliciously unique chain and not one that you'll often see wear a room of people. May catch on hairs, but less so if you're not moving around frequently, if worn at the right length and without much issue with shorter hair styles. Better to wear for occasional wear or days at a time be sure to take off before sleeping to avoid catching hairs. A Sleek style of chain."


Whilst it’s almost always possible to opt for more moderately thicker chains with dainty pendants, the greatest style benefit when pairing a finer chain with your pendant, is creating focus on the pendant itself. So what are you waiting for? We've got your length, we've got your thickness - get creative and choose a style to match that pendant!