To Bead or not to Bead? Absolutely!!

The traditional Bead chain consisting of continuous spherical balls of silver wonder are classic styles of Sterling Silver chain and a style that fits well with any of your pendants, and the larger the ball shaped links, the nicer it can be to wear on their own. Most classic bead chains are crafted from this simple spherical type bead ball chain, with ever so perfect smooth polished surfaces. It only takes a few Ball Bead shaped links to capture a ray of light and throw it right back out twice as bright.

If you love the texture of smooth surfaces, you might also find it difficult to resist that temptation to roll these smoothly polished silver beads between your fingers back and forth obsessively.

This month we’ll be introducing a new collection of Sterling Silver Chains that incorporate Beads in an altogether unusual but refreshing way.

Our Chains with Beads collection, is one that you might find to have been described as Saturn Chains, Station Chains or Beaded Chains and the designs are all similar in that they take a simple but effective composition. Our “Chains with Beads” shake up the traditional plain bead chains that have the same bead link repeated after one another. The Chains with Beads start with a classic style of Sterling Silver Chain at its foundation. This main chain from end to end is always of one style, for example a Cable Chain, or another plain Bead Chain. Upon this main chain, beads of identical style are threaded through this chain and evenly spaced out along the length of the chain. The beads are intended to be interspaced at regular intervals for symmetry, but additionally each bead is fixed into its position and won’t ever move from that position. This is great because we know how annoying it might be to have beads sliding around. The width of main chain is also finer than the beads themselves, and this size difference creates a visually refreshing contrast.

Therefore, with the Beads intentionally more prominent, what’s adds more excitement is the variety we’re able to introduce. The beads from our Sterling Silver Chains with Beads collection will feature a choice of shapes, from those with classic round Balls, to unique Cubes, smooth Discs, and classic Oval Shapes. If you’re a fan of diamond cut jewellery, those beads with detailed diamond cutting are sure to wow you. All you’ll need to do next is choose a style to fit your character!

When wearing a Chain with Beads style, these are best worn on their own, without any pendant being added since the variety along the length of the chain, from end to end, create a complete look in themselves. Adding a pendant is best avoided to ensure your look is not over cluttered.

However, we’d definitely recommend to take a look at layering several varieties of Sterling Silver Chain with Beads – it’s a great way of being creative and certainly raises the bar for uniqueness and trend setting.

Our Chains with Beads collection is also an undeniably practical and fashionable item of jewellery. If you’re in a rush and can’t decide which pendant with which chain, Chains with Beads feature all the variety you need and they’re ready to wear without needing to add or remove anything extra. What's more is with this style of chain featuring links that aren't consistently or overly chunky or thick, they are a comfortable wear in the Summer or warmer climates when you might already be feeling irritable from the heat.

Our Sterling Silver Chains with Beads collection, is one of the fashion styles to have hit a high note in style terms and have an undeniable air of finesse about them and they’re certainly items of jewellery that if you’re buying as a gift for a loved one, it would be hard not to sneak one into your basket for yourself too.

Meet the Chains with Beads Collection:

Sterling Silver 1.5mm Diamond Cut Barilotti Chain with Cylinder / Bar Beads

Finished with a sparkling Diamond Cut Finish, our Barilotti Chain features an alternating style of the traditional balls, translated as Palline in Italian, with matching Diamond Cut cylinder/bar shaped beads. Superbly flexibly and totally apt for layering with other necklaces freely. A beautiful chain that retains its shape well.

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Cylinder Bead 3+1 Chain

Sterling Silver Classic Round Beads on Trace Chain

Unlike some styles of Trace chain with beads, our Trace Chain with our highly polished smooth ball links wont cause any annoying kinking. Fluid and flexible our classic Chain with Beads takes the traditional round bead to create the apperarance of floating baalls upon the classic Trace/Cable chain. With the Trace Chain links also being smooth and without diamond-cut links, it perfectly matches the finish of the highly polished smooth round beads. Available to buy and match your style to whether short or long, from 14" Inches to 30" Inches. 

Sterling Silver 1.3mm Cable Chain With Round Beads

Sterling Silver Smooth Cube Beads on Trace Chain

Resembling cute Sweeties floating, our Sterling Silver Trace chain with highly polished smooth cube links are a style of Beaded chain that speaks a statement of simplicity and luxury. Fixed in place the Cube Beads at 2.5mm wide contrast quite fittingly with the 1.2mm wide trace chains, without it creating an overpowering, bold stated look. With several facades to the cube bead and highly polished makes it utterly addictive to touch, and difficult to resist rolling between your fingers. Available to set a trend whether higher or lower from your neckline in lenghts from 14" Inches to 30" Inches.


 Sterling Silver 1.2mm Cable Chain With Cube Beads


Sterling Silver Disc Beads upon Sterling Silver Snake Chain

Taking a classic chain with a modern flexibility, our Sterling Silver Snake chain appears just like the Snake Chain but is a little more flexible and fluid to prevent kinks. At 1.2mm wide, the Snake chain from our Chains with Beads collection is moderately fine, but not overly fine and is outstandingly complimented with these unusual Disc Shaped beads with from other angles appear almost halo-like. At 2.4mm wide, the bead discs which are hugging the Snake Chain so tightly are double the which create a contrast, that make it hard not to fall in love with. Again like our other chains in this collection, it is a simple style of chain but with the disc beads breaking that flow. Compared with those above, the Snake Chain doesn't have any gaps between the links and visually creates a stream of silver flowing from end to end with these stepping stone/pebble like beads. Style your look with a choice of lengths from 14" Inches to 24" Inches. 

 Sterling Silver Snake Chain With Disc Bead Necklace

NEW: Sterling Silver Oval Beaded Diamond Cut Trace Chain | with 9ct premium Rose Gold Plate | with 9ct premium Yellow Gold Plate

Intermittently spaced upon this already sparkling 1.3mm Diamond Cut Trace chain, the 4mm Oval Beads are full of enticement owing to the Wave Shaped Diamond Cutting on their surfaces. The contrast between the thicnkess of the trace chain and oval beads provide a beautiful contribution to this masterpiece of premium beaded chains that is not just something different, but something special. Oozing bags of fashion appeal, it's a radiant style of Beaded chain, that just some how gives the wearer a feel good factor and requires little other jewellery beside it to complete any outfit. Secured by a pear shaped lobster clasp, and available from lengths 18" to 30" Inches, is a chain naturally suited for layering with other chains too.

Overall, the latest style of beaded Sterling Silver Chains, are a refreshing break from the norm and great eye-candy to add to your jewellery collection. Wearing this chain on it's own is certainly enough with the contrast of beads, but equally alluring is to layer with several other styles of necklace to create a unique look! Check out our Master Class on Layering Necklaces Blog here

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