A Chain named on its appearance but timeless is nature

Many of the classic styles of Sterling Silver Chains are given names that are easy to remember based on their appearance: Anchor, Ball, Box, Curb, Rope, Wheat. But there’s a style of Sterling Silver Chain that whilst fits within this category, is a chain that is also quite classic, perhaps even historic – The Fox Tail Chain. Similar to a Fox’s Tail in appearance, with layer upon layer of V shapes, arrows or chevrons- this style of chain in our Sterling Silver Classic collection is steeped deep in jewellery chain making history more than you’d know. 

How did Foxtail Chains Originate?

The source of Fox Tail chains goes back hundreds of years, with Fox Tail Chains being born from ancient handmade craft and primitive tools, when precision technology was not as advanced as today. Hand-crafted within the heart of Italy over hundreds of years ago by master artisans and skilled craftsmen, the Fox Tail chain by nature has several varieties that are all immensely intricate and the result of dedicated care, precision and patience. Over time, many of the classic styles of Sterling Silver Chains have arisen from the patient handcrafting of generations of jewellery makers and with the Fox Tail chain this is undoubtedly one of the most mesmerising styles of chain you’ll probably ever see. 



All of the captivating natural beauty of handcrafting fused with the durability and consistency of modern technology

Handmade jewellery is the ultimate result of patience, attention to detail, care and thought. It’s with good reason then that you’re likely to find the more intricate pieces of jewellery to have been created by hand. Whilst you might find that handmade jewellery may have some imperfections it’s likely you’ll feel at peace knowing that at least you’re the only one with that one of a kind jewellery. 
Unfortunately, with precious metal jewellery it’s not always affordable and to own handmade jewellery, with the cost being unaffordable and expensive for higher quality intricate pieces- and rightly so since quality craftsmenship takes decades to perfect. Though, inherent with handmade jewellery pieces, they may also occasionally feature imperfections and may not always last the distance owing to inconsistencies in applying different processes to the metal. Our Sterling Silver Twisted Round Fox Tail Chain however that combines all the charm and intricacies you might think only possible by hand, but eliminates the imperfections and provides durability and closely inspected perfection through our rigorous quality perfected manufacturing processes.


Our recent blog post “Twisted Sterling Silver Chain Styles: Twisted Rope, Curb, Fox Tail Chains and more” further provides a great insight of the inherent spiral shape, with spirals said to represent themes of unboundedness, timelessness, free flow and openness. This same theme also too runs through the core of our Twisted Foxtail Chains and shouldn’t be ignored. See our Twisted Foxtail Chain below:



Sterling Silver Foxtail Chain necklaces Sterling Silver Twisted Foxtail Chain Silver Fox Tail Chain




The difference between the Fox Tail Chain vs the Franco Chain – Clearing the misconception..


Some varieties of the Fox Tail Chain bear a similar resemblance to a Franco Chain owing to the noticeable V shapes within these two chain styles. Owing to these similarities, it's crucial to note both are not the same chain at all and the reason lies within the process of their creation.


Many varieties of jewellery chains go through a manufacturing process whereby once the chain links are shaped, these chain links still feature slight openings or gaps. These gaps require to be closed else the chain wouldn't be very durable with links becoming loose quite and detaching easily. To hold the links in place it requires some solder. Solder is a process by which any gaps are closed by heating silver metal into a liquid and allowing the silver metal to cool and solidify to close the gap. With Fox Tail chains, during manufacturing process each link requires substantially less solder, whereas a Franco requires solder on more than one part of the link. Having less solder on Foxtail chain results a cleaner and sleeker appearance and overall better durability. With less solder on the links, Fox Tail links have a nice flexibility, with the Twisted Round Fox Tail version being one of the most flexible of all the varieties. This is a great characteristic as a tort chain might kink.


Rigidity vs Flexibility
Overall comparing a Franco Chain to a Foxtail Chain, on Foxtail isn't straightforward, since the Franco chain is one style of chain without much variety. Though the Foxtail Chain features a traditional style at the core but with several other varieties. Having said that the Franco chain vs the original Foxtail Chain can certainly be clenched in hand without any damage, whereas the original Foxtail Chains are more delicate, but you'll notice that the wider the links are - the less likelyhood of any kinks. Unlike Omega Chains, which are one of the most inflexible chains, Foxtail Chains are still flexible.


Shape: The beating heart of the Foxtail Chain
As mentioned in our Chain Style Guide the Foxtail Chain is modelled on this fury foxy animals tail. Their tails themselves are naturally fine and that layer eachother with repetitive V's, one after another. Therefore, unlike a Franco Chain the V shapes in a Foxtail chain are closer together and you can easily recognise a Foxtail chain since its distinctness lies in the intricate and closeness of the V shaped links such that if you wanted to take a link out it'd be difficult to see where the link starts and where it ends. With the Franco Chains, whilst each link has a single V shape on the each surface, they are formed of links that are individual and boxy (instead of Foxy!) . Each link is latched onto another, followed by another and it's clear to see the where the binding of each link starts and finishes.

Our latest additions of Fox Tail Chains to our already generous variety is set to not only be the biggest variety of Fox Tail chain selection on offer within the UK, but a timeless style of chain link that will never go out of fashion and by far the one you’d want as part of any personal jewellery collection.


Our Sterling Silver Fox Tail Chain Range includes varieties of the Foxtail chain in Round, Square or Twisted Round varations, but each with the distinct close and intricate V shape running through the heart of each variety:

1. Traditional Simple Round Fox Tail Chain 1mm  1.5mm  2.5mm


2. Super Sleek Diamond Cut Square Fox Tail Chain 3.1mm

3. Exclusive Twisted Round Sterling Silver Fox Tail Chain in three thicknesses: 2mm  3mm  4.5mm




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