This year in the UK Sunday 31st March is a special day to celebrate all that Mother’s and Motherly figures in our lives unconditionally provide us with. Mother’s Day which is just one day in a year is an ample time to express our affection for that one of a kind, nurturing love. Love is not something we can see or touch. It’s something that can only be felt. But gifting tokens that last a lifetime as a symbolism that heartfelt affection can surely reflected upon in years to come, therefore choosing jewellery made of precious metal is sure to speak volumes of her worth.

Did you know?

Whilst Gold which is often associated in world mythology as being related to the Sun because of the Golden Colour and fatherly figures, Silver is closely associated with the Moon and it’s silvery hue and in turn Motherly figures.

Here we’ll give your our best Sterling Silver Jewellery Gift ideas from our collection at The Chain Hut for Mother’s Day in 2019 including:

Sterling Silver Chains
Sterling Silver Bracelets
Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling Silver Chains

Our Sterling Silver Chain collection for Women is packed with variety in thickness, styles, lengths and colours (but surely you’d expect nothing less at The Chain Hut?). Being creative and all fashioning unique styles play a great part in Chain Wear. An understated item of jewellery, chains are become a staple in jewellery boxes..and for good reason since there are often a variety of purposes and ways in which a chain can be worn; with pendants, lockets, layered with other jewellery, worn everyday or occasional wear -to match with other jewellery or colours. The chain can often bring a look complete and together, and when worn around the neck- close to our face where eye contact is often made – choosing the right chain that fits a style is sure to be enthralling with our collection at The Chain Hut.

Here are our top suggestions when looking to gift a Chain this Mother’s Day:

Sterling Silver Chains with Beads:
Our collection of these Sterling Silver Chains for Women exude luxury and break the norm of repetitive chain link styles. The flow of continuous Chain Link is interspaced with magical beads in a variety of shapes, some elegantly finished with a high sparkling diamond cut finish. Our collection includes Sterling Silver Oval, Round, Cubed and Disc Shaped Beads complimented with classic chain styles that play the best supporting act, including the sleek & fluid Snake Chain and the Oval Linked Trace Chain. Without the need for any additional pendant, these chains are great to put on straight away but can also be wonderfully layered with other chains too! Our recent dedicated Blog post To Bead or not to Bead? Absolutely!! provides a thorough break down on the different types we have to offer but here are our favourites this year:

Sterling Silver Oval Beaded Diamond Cut Trace Chain Necklace

9ct Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Oval Beaded Diamond Cut Trace Chain Necklace

9ct Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Oval Beaded Diamond Cut Trace Chain Necklace

9ct Gold Plated Chains on Sterling Silver
Our 9ct Gold Plated Chains on Sterling are of a premium quality. Plated with a durable 1 micron layer of genuine 9ct Gold upon Sterling Silver, the Gold on our Gold Plated Chains in this collection are made to last longer than ever. As an accessory with precious metal colours, Gold Plated Chains are great to compliment existing jewellery or even watches that feature hints of Rose or Yellow Gold tones. Our selection offers different styles of Chain that you simply cannot get wrong when gifting, including Ball, Belcher, Box, Curb, Figaro, Rope and Trace. With the choice of either Yellow and Rose Gold tones they are the perfect mother’s day gift this Spring. View more of our 9ct Gold Plated Chain Collection Here

Fine Sterling Silver Pendant Chains
Our selection of Sterling Silver Pendant Chains are a great idea to replace an existing chain or simply swap over for a new look if she has a favourite pendant that she loves to wear. Whilst our blog Top 10 Fine Sterling Silver Chains for Pendants picks out some ideas if you’re stuck our top three suggested fine pendant chains include the Sterling Silver Curb Chain, Sterling Silver Belcher Chain and Sterling Silver Box Chain. Three classic styles that are always a perfect match for light pendants and aside from Silver also available with 9ct Yellow or Rose Gold plated options. View more of our Fine Pendant Chain Collection Here

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Yes to wrist wear!..Our Sterling Silver Bracelet collection include the traditional chain link styles for everyday or those with cute and creative charms. Our Chain Link Bracelets are available in a range of lengths from 6.5”, 7” and 7.5” with many of our Bracelets with Charms extendable. These are the perfect token for her jewellery box and extremely affordable we’d recommend combining a few different styles for layering upon the wrist.

Our recommended traditional Sterling Silver Chain Link Bracelets this Mother’s Day:
For Occasional wear our Sterling Silver 3mm Popcorn Link Bracelet is a modern style of chain link which is light and comfortable to wear with wider definable links that resemble cute bites of Popcorn.
For everyday wear classic styles of our Sterling Silver Ball Bead Bracelet with 1.5mm or 2mm or 3mm sized balls depending upon preference. Comfortable upon the skin and easy to maintain, this style of Chain link is great as the small highly polished silver surface reflect whatever they’re placed beside without being overly ostentatious. See the collection here

Our recommended Charm Bracelets this Mother’s Day
Perfectly themed, our Sterling Silver Bracelets with Hearts Collection feature highly polished Hearts of different sizes, perfectly matched upon classic chain belcher, box and trace chain styles. The hearts don’t dangle away too far away from the chain links which means there’s less risk of catching onto anything, making them highly practical. See the collection here

Sterling Silver Necklaces

Our Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklaces and range of Sterling Silver Flower Necklaces are fitting for the Spring and Summer, available with our customary range of Chain length choices.

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is a symbol said to signify the roots of the tree, like that of a family tree with roots, branches and leaves alike representing generations. The seeds from the tree the falling and forming another new tree akin to the circle of life. Tree of Life Necklaces are a great reminder that can always be clutched to remind us of where we come from as well as children, and grandchildren thereafter who inherit characteristics, habits or looks of their parents and grandparents!

Carefully detailed, our choice of highly polished Tree of Life Necklaces can be gifted in either plain Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver with Yellow Gold Plating. See the collection here

Our Sterling Silver Floral Necklace Collection showcases not only the widest variety of Flowers in one place, but also the most intricately detailed Flower Pendants capturing the individual charm of each Flower type realistically. Each with a Highly sparkle Polished appearance, you’re guaranteed to find Mum’s favourite flower that requires just love keep it fresh. Choose from the following styles:

Daisy, Sunflower, Daffodil, Rose, Violet, Marigold, Tiger Lily, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Narcissus, Larkspur, Gladiolus, Aster. See the collection here