What is a Popcorn Chain Necklace?

Have you seen our Popcorn Chains? When you usually hear the word Popcorn you probably think of trips to the cinema but if you’ve not heard of a Popcorn Chain before then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at these charming and unusual chains which make a standout choice to match with your necklace pendants.

So, what makes our Popcorn Chains a delicious choice?



Link: https://thechainhut.co.uk/sterling-silver-1-2-mm-popcorn-chain-necklace

The Popcorn chain is originally from Italy and in other parts of the world is also known as a Coreana chain. Just like Popcorn pieces, (whether salted or sweet!) it is delicate and light. The Popcorn chain is made up of concave shaped links and looks more contemporary and sleek when compared with other classic styles such as the Curb, Rope and Belcher chains.

Comfortable to wear?

A stand out feature of a Popcorn Chain necklace style, is that of the Weight versus Width ratio. When comparing against other chains of a wider appearance, the Popcorn Chain is able to maintain a wider appearance but still be significantly lighter. For the wearer, this simply means that they can fashion a look with a wider chain and it can be comfortable to wear around the neck, effortlessly.

You might wonder, if it isn’t comparatively as heavy, is it a Hollow chain? Not at all and there’s a reason for this. Structurally, hollow chains on the outside appear solid but inside there is a continuous tunnel of space. But here the Popcorn Chain is designed more resourcefully. You see the clever innovative craftsmanship of this modern style of chain features individually solid, concave-shaped links which are clustered together and then evenly spaced out on each row. This pattern is then repeated on each row thereafter. The beauty or the magic of the chain is a combination of the use of the link itself and the space around it.

The result of this spacing also means it is a lot more flexible and versatile in comparison to other tort and structured chains such as an Omega or Rope Chain.

Smooth and silky to touch

The outer part of Popcorn links are traditionally highly polished and dome shaped and our current selection of Popcorn Chains feature this version of the Popcorn Chain, where each link feels silky smooth and irresistible to touch.

As with most chain patterns, there are varieties of this chain that also exist with diamond cut links. On the Popcorn Chain it occurs at the top of the dome, where it is curved. A diamond tipped tool, evenly facets the link, taking away the curve and producing intermittent reflections of sparkle. Just like a diamond this slicing or faceting makes the links sparkle effortlessly – forever.

How strong are Popcorn Chains? Are they suitable for my pendant?

This is the most frequently asked question we get about the Popcorn Chain. We know, you’ve got a chain and you want to wear it around your neck and perhaps add on your favourite pendant to create a look that is ultra-fashionable. And why not – you have a stunning chain and a stunning pendant.

Popcorn Chains inherently are of a delicate nature and much of the reason because of how it has been crafted. With simple Chain necklace pieces, each chain style has its pros and cons. Some styles can be worn with heavy pendants and some with light pendants. With the Popcorn Chain, wearing a pendant isn’t out of the question and you can surely thread through that pendant and hang it on quite aptly.

Our only recommendation, however is to pair Popcorn Link chains with a lightweight pendant not heavy pendants. If you want to wear a Popcorn Chain with a pendant we’d recommend our 2mm gauge chain. At the same time if the pendant is small and light - you might consider for a more dainty look our 1.2mm wide Popcorn Chain. If you are looking for a very strong chain to go with a heavy pendant, then we’d suggest a more classic style with fortified links such as a Curb, Figaro, Rope or Belcher or Mariner Chain.

Link: https://thechainhut.co.uk/sterling-silver-2-mm-popcorn-chain-necklace


Nevertheless, its delicate nature makes the Popcorn Chain ideal to wear as a stand-alone piece to formal occasions, but also idea to layer them with other styles for a sophisticated daytime look.

If you love to layer your necklaces, then check out our master class post on layering chain necklaces here.


Popcorn links in Bracelets


Popcorn Chains make ideal bracelets, especially our 3mm width chains; the intricate link pattern means they look striking and dainty at the same time. Our simple Popcorn link bracelets are available in 6.5”, 7” and 7.5” inches length.



In contrast to the 3mm gauge bracelet, one our favourite pieces from the Popcorn collection is our Sterling Silver fancy Popcorn star charm bracelet. This playful design makes the perfect gift as the extension allows anyone to wear this bracelet at their ideal length and the star charm on the end of the extension gives it that stylish finishing touch.


Link: https://thechainhut.co.uk/sterling-silver-popcorn-star-charm-extendable-adjustable-bracelet


We believe that all women should own this stunning style of chain necklace in their jewellery box. They are versatile yet timeless as you can easily update them with new pendants. The Popcorn Chain makes a great choice as they are playful and elaborate which gives them a sexy and glamorous feel. The Chain Hut is the leading UK retailer for Sterling Silver Popcorn Chain necklaces and bracelets. We have them available in a finer 1.2mm and a 2mm gauge and each one is carefully polished with a high sheen.Check out all our Popcorn chains here!