Heartfelt Sterling Silver Jewellery Gifts For Christmas

Yesterday, British Summer time ended and so the clocks went back one hour for all of us in the U.K. - an extra hour sleep for now but shorter days and longer nights!

But it wasn't until today upon drawing open my curtains that I noticed a silvery white layer of frost upon the lawn and more upon the windscreens of the cars in the street - yep there was no waiting around for Mother Nature. 

With that being said, I started to drift into a brief thought about the upcoming seasons: Sure, Autumn has set in with the leaves separating from the trees, but this is all in preparation for the Winter fall! When I think of Winter my mind can't escape the reminder that the peak of this leads to Christmas Day. Truly, Christmas, is centered around the birthday of the new born baby Jesus, the 25th December. Whether you're religious or not, for all of us it's a welcomed opportunity to meet with of friends, family and loved ones - some who you may see frequently, but some who you will only meet with during Christmas or a few times a year. Either way, it's a perfect opportunity to savour such precious moments and create memories that last well beyond the season.

In this blog we'd like to share our Top Ideas for Gifts that are a worthy token to give to those whose presence you appreciate the most.

Keeping in the theme of Christmas for readers who follow Christianity:

Stocking Fillers and other Gifts:

St Christopher Jewellery: Necklaces & Pendants

The name Christopher means bearer of Christ and our Saint Christopher Pendants / Necklaces all feature the image of St Christopher carrying baby Jesus. As the patron Saint of Travelling who protects one on their travels, St Christopher Necklaces are a great gift or a keepsake, to wish protection and good fortune upon the recipient on short or long journeys. Whether travelling on foot, by land, air or sea St Christopher can be kept near for peace of mind.


For those who might prefer not to wear a necklace, our Sterling Silvers St Christopher pendants are another alternative to purchase on their own, to keep on one’s self either in a wallet or purse. Unlike some Christmas Themed gifts which only be worn at Christmas such, St Christopher Necklaces can be worn for any occasion at any time -not just when Christmas or Winter has crept up. All of our St Christopher Jewellery, whether Necklaces or Pendants are finished in a high quality and available in a choice of sizes and shapes that will fit Women, Men, Children and Baby’s and are perfectly packaged with our signature Gift Box as standard.


Cross Necklaces and Bracelets

The Cross which is very much one of the most recognised symbols in Christianity, is another popular item for Christmas, and is a gift that any recipient will be pleased with. It can be worn for any occasion at anytime -not just when Christmas or Winter has crept up. Our collection of Jewellery with the Cross as the focal point, include plain Silver Cross Pendants, Silver Cross Necklaces, and colourful Cross Bracelets.


We understand buying jewellery online can often be tricky for online shoppers with so many unscrupulous websites our there, but our shop, The Chain Hut is Assay Assured Certified. This means you can be 100% certain that when purchasing with us you're buying from a UK Business with professionalism and passion rooted in generations but important that your purchase will always be genuine Sterling Silver -no counterfeits no fakes - simply great quality at superb prices!

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