Round Box Chain For Men

Whilst in fashionwear trends evolve in cycles- whether seasonally, yearly or even longer, how often the scene changes can equally apply to whether it’s clothing itself or accessories such as jewellery. Precious metal jewellery however is a segment of jewellery, which features material that tends to be created with a longer period in mind. Specifically Platinum, Gold, Sterling Silver and more are the most recognised precious metals and related trends generally stick around a lot longer- at least a year or two. Very often some styles also go beyond all sense of time to form classic collections that defy the “in fashion” or “out of fashion” labelling and once you’ve formed a bond with the item it can last even longer and be passed on as heirlooms.

Opting for Mens Silver Chains are specific types of jewellery accessory that when worn naturally enhance an outfit. Whether that outfit is intended for an everyday wear look or that sharp occasional look that makes a unique statement, our collection of Mens Silver Chains will help complete a variety of looks and styles.

Whether you’re gifting jewellery for Men, or are a Man that is in pursuit for inspiration to evolve your Chain Game- this post will help you stay a step ahead in discovering the Top Trends for Men’s Silver Chains for 2019.

Here we’re splitting our Mens Silver Chain recommendations for 2019 into the following segments:

  • Top Unique Chain Styles
  • Top Chunky, Thick or Wide Chain Styles
  • Top Everyday Chain Styles
  • Top Chain Styles to wear on their own
  • Top Chain Styles to layer with necklaces
  • Top Mens Chain Styles for Pendant wear

Top Unique Chain Styles

Foxtail Chain Collection: The Twisted Foxtail Chain.
With the widest range of Foxtail Chains in the UK, this traditional style chain with V-shaped links that layer upon each other at the heart are offered in several varieties, but our Twisted Foxtail Chain is comprised of a style like no other with eye-catching link weaving crafted which supersedes the Chain outfield like no other. With carefully planned diamond cutting etched into the links that further catch the light elegantly and a texture that might form a habit of rolling between the fingers- this Chain is simply unplayable against when put head to head with any other Chain design. It’s a practical style of Chain too that has a generous weight, that will hold its shape whilst having a dynamic versatile movement, but give in easily to the kink of an Omega style chain nor catch the neck hairs that on some intricate styles that can make the toughest of us wince and irritable.

Top Chunky, Thick or Wide Chain Styles

Such above characteristics by nature of chains are almost in themselves a fashion trend and whilst what constitutes that thickness may be relative, when you’re looking at physically widely thick chains the style of chain is going to be bold enough to be noticed.

But what’s the use of being a wide chain of it isn’t great to look at. And if it’s going to be a wider chain why not too make a statement that to reflect the “heavy duty” look. Ourr Sterling Silver chains for Men are all made from solid Sterling Silver, and unlike hollow chains- feel weighty and look weighty.

So, what’s our recommendation?

Combining the twist shape of a timeless classic Curb Chain but with a solid bar in the middle of each link, the Marina Chain is an enviable choice. It isn’t an average joe and the design itself is basked with nautical themes relating to courageous, strong, determined sailors. How so? Well the Marina (also sometimes spelled as Mariner) chain embodies themes of a dependable chain full of tenacity, strength and substance because this chain link is used in supporting the weight of boats, ships and sea vessels alike.

Available in many variety of thicknesses, we recommend to opt for this Silver chain style at minimum in our 6.9mm Wide Sterling Silver Marina chain (also available in bracelet options for a complete themed look). It’s enough to show the depth of the link along with the diamond Cut sections that compliment and highlight the fortified charisma of each Link.

Top Everyday Chain Styles

When you’re wearing a Chain everyday you want to ensure that they’re practical which depends on your daily lifestyle. The following recommendations ensure a few bases are covered to ensure not only are you in comfort to wear but it remains on trend for 2019.

Day in, day out wear a Sterling Silver Rounded Box Chain. It is practical because it won’t catch your hairs and the shape of the Small Silver Square surfaces are highly reflective to mirror back light and any surface, and therefore not highly sparkling to draw over attention but enough to shout your style is full of precious metal substance. You can opt for any width with our 2mm and 3.7mm great choices. Want something slightly light to wear but not too thick? A 2mm is on the money.

Top Chain Styles to wear on their own

From our popular Foxtail Collection, this eye-catching 3.1mm Square Foxtail Chain, is a Sterling Silver Chain that is enough on it’s own that will be difficult for others to resist a compliment. It’s a style of chain that won’t be seen on the street frequently owing to it’s exclusivity at The Chain Hut and it’s talking point is the effect of it’s links that have a thoughtfully positioned Diamond Cut finish. Diamond Cutting is a process that essentially slices the surface of the link to give a precision straight edge and ultra flat facet. This finish essentially reflects light brightly though the intensity or consistency of the sparkle will vary from chain to chain depending upon which angles of the Chain it has been applied to. It has been trending well since it’s introduction and as a relatively undiscovered design is sure to trend well beyond 2019 too.

If you prefer less flash but something more sleek and round, the sleek Sterling Silver Rounded Foxtail Chain is fluid, versatile and will trend strong this 2019. Similar to a snake chain in the rounded shape but with significantly more detail through the characteristic interwoven V shapes of a Foxes tail. Such layered detail form the reason for the sleek high end luxury appearance which is almost a string of silver. The weight is moderate and holds its stance without any distortion when worn on the go. Quite the opposite to other chains that you may hear the clunks and metallic clinks that are crafted with individual links such as heavier or thick Curb or Figaro Chains if you’re running or jogging.

Top Chain Styles to layer with necklaces

It’s a good idea to ensure that when layering necklaces, you have a starting point. Layering necklaces can be endless when you’re creating your own stylish look- whether it be 2, 3 or more chain styles. When you’re creating this layered look with Chains, avoiding clash of styles or colours is always beneficial. Layering is essentially an art form mixing and matching different thicknesses of chain, different colours of chain, different styles of chain, as well as different positions of the chain on the chest: the chain length. Equally, it may be that you’ve already got a theme in mind too.

One thing is probably for sure- that you’ll be looking to fashion contrasting chain styles, where some styles will stand out and whereas others will perform the role as a best supporting act. Quite often the best supporting act chains are those that are your friend if you are in a rush and can’t make a decision in layering in that you can wear them on their own for a great effect. Essentially they won’t distract from another Chain you might be aiming to be the focus. Where as those playing the main role may be those where you want to focus the attention towards, whether it be because that main chain is thicker, has a lot of diamond cut sparkle or has a defined shape that you want to show off.

So what’s our recommended best supporting act Chain for 2019?

With silky smooth surfaces, with a slight domed shape our Rounded Box Chain as well as being great for daily wear as mentioned above, in the 3.7mm Wide option is mean, marvellous and reflects light well without the supplementation of diamond Cut links required. The shape, structure and size of the Rounded Box Chain links are large enough to be noticed but can either compliment another Chain with a diamond Cut finish or another Chain with a different thickness or contrasting shape such as a ball chain.

And for that of Main focus?

When you’re talking about trends specifically related to layering for 2019, we’d advise to opt for any classic diamond cut chain. Whether that’s a Diamond Cut Curb, Figaro or Marina Chain – the simpler the better.

Top Mens Chain Styles for Pendant wear

Our recommended Pendant Chain for 2019, is along with our 2mm Rounded Box Chain suggested for the everyday wear. Without any diamond cutting, it won’t detract from your pendant. However if your pendant is quite plain- opt for that of the contrasting Sterling Silver Marina Chain.