Hoping to capture and create memories this Christmas? Our top Christmas Gift suggestions this year aim to provide inspiration this Christmas with our collection of Sterling Silver Jewellery. Including Precious and Sentimental pieces to the Christmas Stocking Fillers, each a token to let the Women, in your life know they’re appreciated.

Sterling Silver Beaded Necklaces aka Chains with Beads

Fast becoming part of trends in necklace layering, these style of Sterling Silver Chains disrupt the usual trends of repetitive chain link styles. There’s a mesmerising elegance which instantly radiates Jewellery chains to their highest level of luxury. They’re also the perfect accessory when wearing on their own, without any need to add a pendant to complete an outfit. Our Chain with Beads collection features with beads of a variety of shapes fixed along the chain including Disc, Oval, Cubed, and Oval shaped beads complimented upon classic chain styles. Our current favourite is our Oval Beaded Trace chain, with Beads that have been accented with rows of waved diamond cut into each Oval bead for a sophisticated sparkle. The contrast of the trace chain links upon which these Oval beads are set, give the impression of an almost floating like appearance. With choices in not just Silver but Yellow or Rose Gold and lengths from 18” to 30” simply select to best match a preference.

Fine Sterling Silver Chains

Great to mix and match with existing pendants to freshen up your look, as well as layer with other chains styles, like the above Beaded Necklaces, our choice of fine pendant chains are generous to say the least. Opt for your length from 14" and upwards our range includes classics such as Ball/Bead, Belcher, Box, Curb, Rope, Snake and more with a selection also available in 9ct Rose or Yellow Gold Plated options. Our short Blog post here Top 10 Fine Sterling Silver Chains for Pendants from our Chain Style Insights section provides useful information to advise the differences between which Fine Chains to opt for, the practicalities and their suitability.

Sterling Silver Chain Link Bracelets

Choices galore!!! Wow.. the number of Sterling Silver Link bracelets to pick and choose from our store is enviable and what’s more appealing is that you can always opt to add a Chain option here and now or at a later date. With at least 25 different choices in a range of lengths from 6.5” to 7.5”, our Sterling Silver Chain Link bracelets are affordable, stylish and a stocking filler that is great to accessorize with outfits all year round.

Our favourite Sterling Silver Bracelets for Women for everyday wear..
Sterling Silver Ball Bead Bracelets: Beautifully round snowballs of silver wonder with a highly polished mirror finish, our Sterling Silver Ball Bead bracelets are available in 3 thicknesses: 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. The shape of these links with smooth polished silver surfaces kiss the silver gently and are comfortable to wear on the skin and with the ability to move around freely on the wrist these bracelets styles are unlikely to catch or snag onto fine hairs or fabrics. Round spherical or curved shapes are also psychologically said to portray a sense of softness, approachability and calmness as mentioned in our blog post earlier in 2018 here.

…and for occasional wear:
3mm Wide Sterling Silver Popcorn Bracelet. The wider the bracelet, the more definable these links are. Almost festive in appearance with rounded shaped links and with a light feel, the Popcorn Chain is a modern design of chain adopted in the latest fashion trends. With a smooth, rich and addictive texture to the touch the Popcorn Chain gives a wider a appearance but won't weigh the wrist down with any awkward heavyness.

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklaces

With the deeper meaning of this symbolic tree representing the roots of our family tree, and the circle of life, when Christmas arrives and families are together – this is a perfect opportunity to gift something meaningful that will allow Her to keep family close to her heart and evoke sweet memories for the year ahead and beyond. Our choice of Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklaces all feature mirror-polished finishes and incredible detail to compliment the true symbolic meaning of this Tree. Supported with either our own pre-picked Curb chain or Trace chain, you can also opt to purchase our Tree of Life Pendants separately and match them with a chain of your own choice from our vast collection of Sterling Silver Chains. Our Sterling Silver Tree of Life pendant with real Yellow Gold Plated leaves is a great option if she likes to mix metal colours to match existing jewellery or watches.

Sterling Silver Flower Necklaces

When you’re looking for a gift that has a personal meaning as well as being materially beautiful, our latest addition to our necklace range feature Flowers for each month of the year. Finished with Rhodium, a member of the platinum family, each are crafted with artistic detailing and a luxurious high sparkling finish to characterise their natural beauty. With a range of Sterling Silver Flower necklaces that represents each month of the year from January to December, each Floral Pendant has been designed to capture all the charm of the Flowers themselves in a life-like and enchanting way. Our collection also includes several Flowers with flashes of warming Yellow tones through Gold Plated detailing on specific sections of these flowers. Whether it's her birth month, her favourite flower, or you're simply wishing the deeper symbolic meanings that are attributed to each Flower, this is surely a classy way to convey your message of appreciation. Intrigued to learn more about the symbolism of each Flower? Read more in our blog post here